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Fabrication, the process of bending, shaping, and transforming raw materials into usable components, is at the foundation of manufacturing. The ability to control those primary manufacturing functions allows the McIntyre Manufacturing Group to begin every job on time and according to our customer’s expectations.

Our metal fabrication services include:

  • CNC laser cutting
  • CNC braking
  • Tube bending and swaging
  • Punching
  • Drilling

All of your components are programed and manufactured to your exact specifications. This, coupled with our attention to detail, allow us to consistently provide excellent customer service and ensure that our customers’ expectations are met.

We can program our CNC fabrication equipment to exactly match any CAD-based drawing, enabling us to manufacture your parts or products in the most efficient manner possible. The result is fewer setups, less rejected parts, and better material utilization— giving you a better margin on your product and saving you money.

Because of our commitment to employ highly trained operators using the appropriate equipment, we can manufacture intricate shapes, simple laser cut plates, or more complicated designs that require multiple operations.

Get started! See your part or product come to life and get a sample in only 2 weeks. Request a quote today.

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