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Powder Coating

Behind any great powder coating finish is a process to properly clean the parts and the expertise to ensure that the finish is exactly what you expect. A blend of science and art, powder coating is more durable than conventional wet paint and allows for complete customization of paint color. This includes exact PMS color matching and a variety of gloss or matte finishes to help capture your vision.

The McIntyre Manufacturing Group uses a four-stage wash system to guarantee that parts are properly cleaned and chemically pre-treated to maximize the longevity of the coating; setting the stage for proper adhesion of the coating on your finished part. Our team uses a combination of eight automatic spray guns and two manual spray guns to guarantee optimal powder utilization. Our cyclonic reclaim system allows us to reduce overspray waste, lessen downtime for cleanups, and save wasted material going into a landfill—saving production days, money and the environment.

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